Allan Bray

For Ward Six Councillor

I am fifty four years old, recently retired from Honda of Canada Manufacturing and I have lived in Barrie with my wife, Lucy, since 1990. We have lived in Ward Six for all that time, and we raised our daughters here. As a long-time resident of Ward Six, I have seen it expand from mostly forest, fields and marshland to a rapidly growing suburban community that sees a high volume of traffic on roads that have become major arteries. I know the community very well, and we regularly explore the Ardagh Bluffs and the Bear Creek Eco-park by ourselves and with our Scouting youth.  

I am a professional engineer with thirty years of engineering, project management, production management, staff management and quality management experience from my career at Honda of Canada Manufacturing in Alliston. My background in engineering and management has taught me how to identify and eliminate loss, how to consistently execute projects quickly, efficiently and successfully, and how to thoroughly analyze reports and data to ensure we take the right action. Most importantly though, I took to heart the lesson that people are the greatest resource. Building strong relationships within and outside your team is fundamental to the success of any endeavour. As Ward Six councillor, I will build strong working relationships with our residents, City of Barrie staff and other councillors to ensure the interests of our residents are represented at city hall.

In my life outside work, I have volunteered with Scouts Canada for the past fifteen years in various roles. I am a scouter (“leader” is the old term, but recognizing that the youth are the true leaders, the term has been retired) with Venturer Scouts (15-17 years old) and Cub Scouts (8-10 years old). I have also been the Group Commissioner for our group in Ward Six since 2007, and I have also served as Area Commissioner. In the Area Commissioner role I supported twenty scout groups in Simcoe County and beyond. As a scouter, I serve with a group of like-minded volunteers who support youth in developing their outdoors and other skills, leadership and character so that they are better prepared for success in the world. I volunteer because I feel I have a duty to contribute to our community, and Scouting is an exceptional program that benefits youth immeasurably. I have succeeded as a scouter because I work very well with others while ensuring we have defined goals, and concrete plans to achieve them. My love of the outdoors and desire to share it with others is also a key reason for my involvement in scouting. 

I am running for the role of councillor in Ward Six because I feel I have a duty to contribute to our community, and my abilities as a team-builder, communicator and advocate make me the best choice to represent Ward Six in city council. To make decisions, I gather facts from multiple sources, read reports and analyze data, instead of listening to sound bites. I believe that effective policymaking requires compassion and teambuilding, combined with objective analysis. This is what I will bring to the city council.

Who I am
  • Engineer
  • Project manager
  • Manager
  • Avid outdoorsperson
  • Volunteer
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